Embrace Your (true) Self.

Align with the movements of Nature.


Psychedelics, also known as entheogens, have the potential to be mind and awareness expanding tools that can often leave us with more questions than answers. It can cause us to question everything we know as true, gain new insights into life, or send us on a bad trip that can traumatize. It can also set us on a path for healing that we never thought possible, and change our lives forever. No matter if you had a “good trip” or a “bad trip”, talking about your experience with someone who has had many experiences with entheogens can go a long way to helping you process those experiences.

The Session

Implementation of mindful awareness practices can help bring our psychedelic insights to life in our experiences of ordinary states of consciousness.

Through various practices such as guided meditation, breath work, movement, somatic experiencing, and talking it out, we start to see our invisible web and can begin to de-tangle it. Untangling and de-tangling can create more space for you to breath in your every day experience.

First, we set the container, then we name our intention for the session, and lastly, we go to work.

Setting the container is a very crucial part of our session, knowing that you’re safe and held is a large part of feeling safe enough to unfold. This can be done any number of ways, including smudging with smoke, mist, or sound. It could be set by starting with stretching our bodies and doing some intentional breathing together. The goal is both arrive fully in the present moment, together.

After the container is set, then we move on to starting our intention, and this is also very fluid and based on what you’re feeling and working on at the moment. It could be to unpack something that came up for you during a trip that would like to explore, it could also be continuing your journey toward a more embodied expression in a normal consciousness state, or simply just releasing tension from your body.

Once the intention is set, then we get to work. “Getting to work” could look like any thing! It could look like a really fun dance session where we play with music in our bodies, it could be a guided meditation focusing on themes that you’d like to explore, we could be making art to tap into our subconscious. There’s no one right way to do “the work,” all you need a willingness to get messy!

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