Non-Ordinary Retreats

Group Ceremony


I offer you an invitation to a space where you can practice being a Being being.  It’s a space where you can experience yourself from a totally different angle.  Mindfulness from a totally different angle!

Whether it’s called integration, integrity, embodiment, or alignment, the process of getting comfortable with having a body and a mind that is subject to traumas, innate desire, and the swelling of emotions is simply the hard road of hearing your body out.

Together, we can walk the winding and twisty path of uncovering this life’s purpose, and work on how to live in alignment with that purpose.  In a coaching session we embark on that walk by co-creating an intentional space for you to unfold into! We are so much more than what we think we are, and if we can truly hold space for all that we are for even one second, we get offered the opportunity to uncover what is already there but has yet to be let shone.  

Each coaching session is completely unique and tailored to meet you right where you are in your process, taking into account several factors such as how your day went, what is calling your immediate attention, and your specific long term and short term goals.

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Activating our natural nervous system regulation abilities Deconstructing the ways our days are ruled by our Nervous System responses, and how  we can better understand the factors that affect our nervous system and how we respond to certain stimulus.  Learning techniques for how to trigger “rest and relaxation” modes to get ahead of “fight or flight” episodes.

Experimental Embodiment Explore the senses and desires of your Body through focused listening and movement guided by the Body itself. Through the use of meditation and music, we can uncover the desires of the body, and in a safe environment, explore the shapes, sounds, and movements the Body needs to make to move and release energetic blockages.

Explorations in Formlessness Through the systematic deconstruction of our current understandings of where humans  came from, we step into a sandbox of Being.  Just as Nature simply IS, we completely outside the Norm and consensus reality into the exploration of the unknown boundaries of the body and it’s expression outside of the Mind. 

Self-Inquiry Guided conversations with Self using tools of inquiry such as Tarot, Inquiry Cards, etc.

Psychedelic Integration
A one on one discussion exploring the insights and themes of recent  and/or past psychedelic experiences