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Psychedelic Integration Discussion Circle
Every 2nd Saturday of the Month, 10:00am – 12:00pm
Via Zoom (link posted 3 days before the event)
$5 suggested donation

Our Integration Circle seeks to create a space where you can feel free to talk about your psychedelic experiences. Psychedelics, also known as entheogens, have the potential to be mind and awareness expanding tools that can often leave us with more questions than answers. It can cause us to question everything we know as true, gain new insights into life, or send us on a bad trip that can traumatize. It can also set us on a path for healing that we never thought possible, and change our lives forever. No matter if you had a “good trip” or a “bad trip”, talking about your experience with like-minded people can go a long way to helping you process those experiences. Join us in a weekly discussion circle where we all try to make sense of these experiences together. Everyone is welcome, from the experienced to the inexperienced. Come share your journey and insights, and listen to others share their own journey of integrating a peak psychedelic experience.

What to expect:

The group discussion will be lead by a person experienced in psychedelic journeys and integration. The discussion will open with the facilitators leading a moment of gratitude and acknowledgment of the confidentiality of what is discussed and the identities of the attendees. Immediately after, the floor will be opened for sharing, and anyone can start it off by talking about anything that comes to mind regarding their psychedelic experiences and integration journey.

Discussion Etiquette:

There may be topics discussed that can trigger or cause you discomfort. We ask that you absolutely take care of yourself. You are not required to listen to anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, at the same time we do ask that you are respectful of the the person sharing.

Intolerance will not be tolerated. Anyone attacking another person, or any person using hate speech of any kind will be called out, and the issue addressed openly.

Do not ask about how you can get psychedelics, or drugs of any kind. While we believe that psychedelics are advanced tools for healing, it doesn’t change the fact that they are currently still illegal. Please help keep our community safe by not endangering us in this way.
Please be mindful of how much space you are taking up with sharing and responding to others’ shares. If you find yourself responding to every prompt and share, then it’s probably time to sit back and listen instead.

Lastly, be vulnerable and brave. We’re all here because of our experiences with and/or interest in psychedelics. Let’s de-stigmatize their use as tools for healing and self-exploration by sharing and integrating all our psychedelic experiences together in a respectful and compassionate way.