Plant your feet, and GROW.

What do you need?

Alignment and Transformation Support

You’re awake! Now what?

Thank goodness you’re here. I’ve fashioned myself as a Lighthouse, serving as a grounding point for those who seek to know how to and to understand who they truly are and what to do about it. Maybe you’ve touched the truth, and now want to embody IT.

I’ve been on that path for the last six years and I would love to use my time supporting you in finding your way.

$35 – 65 / 60 minutes

Psychedelic Integration Support

Click the above link for details.

$55 – 111 / 90 minutes

A Different Perspective

Have a question you’re turning over? Need help making a decision? Experiencing interpersonal conflict? There are no stupid questions, or questions that are too deep, too big, or too heavy for me to take on. I can’t guarantee that we’ll come up with an answer, but we will at least bring multiple perspectives into view.

$15 – 25 / 20 minutes / 1 question