Step through the 4th wall

Welcome to the Sandbox of Existence. Let’s play!

The Invitation

We experiment with taking a break from our identities, the act of creating and producing, the shoulds and should nots, and practice allowing ourselves to sink into experience of experience very deeply, connecting us in ways we never thought possible.

The invitation is to settle into a deep relaxation of your body and mind, dissolving into the present moment. Allowing your Self to come alive in the experience of being the human nature that you are.

Through this process of relaxing into the experience of pure being we can get closer to our subconscious mind, and slowing down in this space offers us the opportunity to observe our Self from a completely different vantage point. In this altered state, your conscious mind can become exposed to foundational wisdom that resides in every single human, within the structure of the body and within our individual and collective sub conscious.

You were made for experience, embody it!

Will you push the boundaries to see your Self fully? Without judgment.

The Process

The experience of participating in a one on one intentional ceremony is different for every person, and many factors that can affect the experience. The intention is to explore your body’s sensations, and play safely. The more you relax and focus on your breathing the deeper you can go.

There are a tools you can bring to ceremony that will help you sink more deeply into your experience as it unfolds: a basic understanding of Compassion and Acceptance, and an awareness of the breath. Having some language pre-loaded around the concepts of compassion and acceptance will increase your chances of being able bring them into use if you starting to feel anxious and/or awkward during the experience. Same with the breath. Peer Reviewed research studies have shown you can slow your nervous system and heart rate through controlling the breath. Being able to notice when your breath is erratic and then practicing intentional breathing can be a very useful tool for intense experiences.

It is almost guarnateed that you will feel something happening physically. No matter if it’s feeling intense or mild, I am there to support you at every turn. While part of the magic of your journey is being completely free from expectations, there are a few requirements to ensure that we can co-create and hold the safest container possible for the experience:

1. Be coachable. My job is keep you safe and on target for our intentions and that might require a shift of our attention and awareness. If I make a request of you please consider the feedback seriously, it is for your physical and mental safety and mine.

2. No sexual contact whatsoever, including with yourself during the ceremony, and while you’re on site. It is perfectly okay to talk about the topic of sex as it comes up. The intention is to create safety around the desire for physical closeness and affection. This boundary allows us to move toward each other without the fear of it becoming sexual.

3. Once the medicine is ingested, you agree to stay within the property line. This is for your safety and mine.